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    Name: trolley
    Bearing capacity: 150kg
    Specification: 680 * 530 * 410
    Laminates: /
    Tel: 0574-88138184
    Mobile phone: 13967815187

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    Product Details

    This product is a common small cart, the main body is made of polyethylene plastic car board, thickened steel pipe handrail, mute caster, etc. It is widely used in food, medical treatment, industry, storage, electronics and other industries. Please contact us or check on site, we can provide technical support and guidance. Please call us for details!
    Trolley features:
    1. The handrail is designed with seamless steel pipe and can be sprayed with silver powder, which is environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable.
    2. The plastic vehicle plate is made of polyethylene material. The car is light in weight, strong in toughness, corrosion resistance and antiskid.
    3. The hand brake is designed with steering wheel brake. When the whole vehicle moves, the brake will stop immediately and the parking will not slide.

    4. Quiet caster, natural rubber, silent walking, strong corrosion resistance, no supporting trace.

    Trolleys: conditions for setting casters of ordinary trolleys
    1. Do not exceed the maximum load.
    2. Casters are suitable for flat ground. Please don't let them fall from a high place to avoid impact.
    3. Avoid using forklift up and down.

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