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    Name: Lifting Platform
    Load bearing: customized to customer's needs
    Specification: W1780*D840mm*H4000mm
    Laminate: None
    Telephone number: 0574-88138184
    Mobile phone: 13967815187

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    Product Details

    Lifting platform is a kind of multi-functional lifting and unloading mechanical equipment, which can be divided into fixed and mobile type: mobile type is divided into straight arm type, bending arm type, shear type, mast type, aluminum alloy lifting platform, and sleeve type. Fixed shear, track lifting platform, chain lifting platform, loading and unloading platform and auxiliary electrical construction platform.
    Basic introduction of lifting platform:
    Lifting platform is a vertical lifting device for transporting people or objects. It also refers to vertical conveying equipment in logistics systems, such as factories and automatic warehouses. Lifting platforms are usually equipped with a variety of plane conveyor equipment, as a connection device of different height conveyor lines. It is usually driven by hydraulic pressure, so it is called hydraulic lifting platform. In addition to transportation at different altitudes, it is also widely used in high altitude installation and maintenance operations. The characteristics of free lifting platform have been widely used in municipal maintenance, cargo transportation of wharf and logistics center, building decoration and so on. Car chassis, battery car chassis can walk freely, working height space has changed, light weight, self-propelled. Electric start, self-supporting leg, simple operation, large working face, can carry out 360 degrees of free rotation, such as high-altitude operation across obstacles.
    Lifting platform principle:
    Hydraulic oil forms a certain pressure by vane pump. Oil filters, explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valves, throttle valves, hydraulic control check valves and balance valves enter the lower end of the cylinder, so that the piston of the cylinder moves upward and lifts its weight. The oil returned from the upper end of the liquid cylinder is returned to the fuel tank through the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve. The rated pressure is adjusted by the relief valve. The pressure gauge is used to observe the reading value of the pressure gauge.

    The piston of the cylinder moves downward (both weights fall). The hydraulic oil enters the upper end of the cylinder through the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve, and the oil returning to the tank returns to the fuel tank through the balance valve, the hydraulic control one-way valve, the throttle valve and the tank. Explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve. In order to make the weight drop smoothly, the brake is safe and reliable, and a balance valve is set on the return road to balance the circuit and maintain the pressure, so that the descending speed is not changed by the weight, and the flow rate is regulated by the throttle valve to control the lifting speed. In order to make the brake safe and reliable and prevent accidents, a hydraulic control check valve, i. e. hydraulic lock, is added to ensure the safety of self-lock when the hydraulic pipeline unexpectedly bursts. Install overload voice alarm to distinguish overload from equipment failure.

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