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    Name: trolley
    Bearing capacity: 150kg
    Specification: 890 * 630 * 480
    Laminates: /
    Tel: 0574-88138184
    Mobile phone: 13967815187

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    Product Details

    The warehouse trolley is a traction and traction vehicle. The cart has one wheel, two wheels, three wheels and four wheels. The raw material of traditional cart is usually wood, while the material of modern cart body is usually iron.

    The warehouse trolley includes:
    Plastic board:
    The main material is polypropylene plastic, commonly known as "PP", plus other ingredients. Light weight, durability, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-skid design.
    Use 2.0mm thick SPCC seamless steel pipe. Triple powder coating process. High-grade, beautiful, durable, foldable or fixed.
    Silent casters:
    The wheel frame is composed of nylon or steel frame and various other components. It has strong corrosion resistance, impact resistance and beautiful appearance.
    Caster bearings:
    With special 6200 and 6303 ball bearings, the precision bearing clearance specifications make the casters more stable, and the rolling resistance is small and quiet.
    Castor rubber:

    With natural rubber as the main raw material and other formulation materials, the wheel has excellent elasticity, wear resistance and no drag marks, and the overall impact resistance of casters is very strong.

    Warehouse trolley function:
    1. Driving silence: In addition to car boards, casters are made of high performance polypropylene plastics (PP). The casters of the product jointly choose the mute plan to make the product mute during travel.
    2. Travel convenience: Because of the special planning of casters, the starting resistance and walking resistance are reduced, and the products are easy to walk.
    3. Weight Reduction: Plates and casters use high-performance polypropylene plastics (PP) to reduce the weight of products.
    4. It is a kind of airplane transport device suitable for a few temporary short distance transportation.
    5. Appearance texture of anti-skid surface.
    6. Super static nylon casters.

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