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    Hydraulic cart

    Name: Hydraulic Vehicle
    Bearing capacity: 2000kg-5000kg
    Specification: Customizable
    Laminate: None
    Telephone number: 0574-88138184
    Mobile phone: 13967815187

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    Product Details

    When the hydraulic vehicle is in use, its fork will be inserted into the tray hole. Manpower-driven hydraulic system completes the lifting of pallet cargo, and manpower-driven mechanical equipment completes the operation. Hydraulic truck adopts 4mm steel plate with reliable welding strength and no breakpoint; hydraulic truck casting cylinder as a whole, cylinder descending speed is not affected by load; imported sealing ring and piston rod chrome plating; hydraulic truck safety valve provides overload maintenance, effectively reducing maintenance costs.

    Hydraulic vehicle features:
    1. Hydraulic trucks are made of heavy-duty column steel, which is formed by cold bending. Stronger, safer, flexible and easy to operate.
    2. Hydraulic cylinder adopts high precision grinding pipe, imported oil seal, integral valve core, easy disassembly and maintenance. The pedal method improves the circulation speed and greatly enters the safety zone.
    3. The first spraying process, cargo appearance and increased durability of the hydraulic vehicle are selected for the hydraulic vehicle.
    4. Hydraulic vehicle is a pollution-free manual hydraulic vehicle, which has the characteristics of transportation, operation and small turning radius.
    5. Hydraulic trucks are suitable for production workshops, production workshops, warehouses, stations, wharfs, airports, etc. It is especially suitable for fire-proof and explosion-proof places such as printing workshop, oil depot and chemical warehouse.
    6. Hydraulic trucks can not only reduce bumps and scratches, but also reduce workload and stacking position, greatly improving work efficiency.

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