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    物料箱分為:瓦楞紙狀物料箱,懸掛式物料箱。 鋼制物料箱,網狀A型物料箱,折疊網狀物料箱,箱型物料箱的上部四個側板與瓦楞板焊接在一起,網狀物料箱的上部與之焊接在一起 冷拉鋼絲和型材作為存放籠。 使用噴丸技術進行表面處理,可以除銹油,消除酸和磷化并產生污水。 采用180度噴烤技術,使外觀整潔,美觀,耐用。

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    Product Details

    (1). The material box has the advantages of beautiful appearance, durable, strong carrying capacity, no maintenance, etc.;
    (2). The storage of the material box is convenient and does not occupy the fixed space of the warehouse. Rigid material box is generally welded with stacking device and can be stacked to the fourth floor safely; At the same time, the folding material box can also be folded. Folded up when not in use for better transport or storage;
    (3). The surface of the material box is treated by galvanized or electrostatic plastic spraying, which is easy to clean and not easy to pollute;
    (4). The material box is suitable for various industries, a variety of occasions, the use of a wide range.

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