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    Turnover box

    Name: plastic turnover box
    Bearing capacity: 50kg
    Specification: 610 * 420 * 185 (mm)
    Tel: 0574-88138184
    Mobile phone: 13967815187

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    Product Details

    Turnover box: turnover box is also called turnover basket, because turnover box is basically made of plastic, so turnover box is also called plastic turnover box. Turnover box is mainly used for circulation and storage of industrial assembly line. Turnover box and pallet are industrial treasures. Now, the turnover box also began to spread, and began to popularize agricultural development, using, vegetables and so on to replace bamboo fruits.
    Turnover box can be divided into stackable grid, settable grid and several closed types, which are applicable to internal turnover of warehouse, production line and factory area. Stackable type is suitable for stacking, while nested type is not suitable for stacking, but space can be saved after use. Mesh types can only stack solid objects, while closed types can stack solid and liquid objects. Disposable plastic turnover box. According to the performance, turnover box can also be divided into ordinary turnover box and anti-static turnover box!
    Economic (recyclable) environmental protection (protection of ecological environment) sanitation (acid and alkali resistance, mildew resistance, moisture-proof) safety (no nail, no radiation, non-toxic, tasteless) and convenience (no maintenance and easy operation). With the development of world economy and agriculture in the new era, turnover basket will play an increasingly important role in the economy! Stiffeners, new materials, bearing strength, anti falling and anti-skid, durable.

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