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    Medium-sized shelves

    Name: Medium shelf
    Load: 150kg-500kg/layer
    Specification: 2000 * 600 * 2000
    Layers: 4 floors
    Type: Layers
    Enquiry Telephone: 0574-88138184
    Mobile: 13967815187 

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    Product Details

    Medium-sized shelves are assembled by columns, beams and laminates. There are two pillars in a separate group. This is called the main frame. If multiple shelves are combined into one column, the other group can share one column with the front group in addition to the first group of two columns. Such shelves are called sub-shelves. If you need to move the shelves frequently, it is recommended to use the main shelf. The shelves connected with the main shelf and sub-shelves must follow behind the main shelf.
    Standard medium-sized shelves have beautiful appearance, easy disassembly, bearing capacity of 100kg~350kg/floor, non-standard large-span bearings, novel appearance of 75mm pitch adjustment, movable buckle connection between beams and pillars, arbitrary height adjustment of each layer, non-standard customizable, durable medium-sized shelves, all metal parts of shelves are rust-proof treatment, appearance electrostatic spraying;
    Medium shelf features:
    1. Full assembly structure, arbitrary combination, easy installation and disassembly.
    2. The pillars are assembled structures. Steel buckles are used to connect beams and columns, and safety bolts are installed to prevent falling.
    3. Shelf data cross-section optimization, selection of various pipes, positive bearing capacity.
    4. The 75mm column is equipped with adjustable hole spacing, which can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the concave and convex condition of the goods.
    5. Separation bracing can be used to strengthen the connection between adjacent back-to-back pillars, and the bottom can be used in conjunction with the ground to ensure safety and reliability.
    6. It is suitable for delivery by manual or stacker, and widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, enterprise warehouses and institutions.
    Medium shelf composition:
    Medium-sized shelves are composed of columns, beams and laminates. There are two pillars in an independent group. Such shelves are called main shelves. If multiple groups are combined into one group, another group can share a column with the front group besides the first group. Such shelves are called sub-shelves.
    If the shelf is often moved, it is recommended to use the main rack. Medium-sized shelves connected by the main rack and the secondary rack must follow the main rack.
    Main frame: two pillars (one pillar: two pillars plus several transverse cable-stayed).
    Beams (two beams on one floor).
    Laminates (laminates placed on two beams).
    Subframe: One column (one column: two columns plus several horizontal stays).
    Beam (one floor, two beams).
    Installation steps for medium shelves:
    1. Stand on a pillar and carefully penetrate two beams at the bottom of the butterfly hole.
    2. Put up another pillar and insert it into the beam in a step-by-step way.
    3. According to the above insertion method, the remaining beams are inserted and carefully aligned according to the required height.
    4. Place the laminate on the P beam in turn.
    Scope of application:
    It is suitable for apparel, electronics, industrial warehouse, large, medium and small enterprises, and can make better use of warehouse storage space.