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    Name: Heavy Workbench

    Specifications: customized according to customer needs

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    Product Details


          Workbenches can be divided into light, medium and heavy workbenches according to different load-bearing capacity. The heavy-duty workbench is also the workbench used to store heavy goods, and the workbench that bears more than 500kg is called the heavy-duty workbench. If the buyer has a demand, the maximum load-bearing capacity can reach about 2000kg. It is not recommended to make a workbench with a load-bearing capacity of more than 2000kg. It is dangerous, there are more consumables, and the price is naturally higher.


    1. The heavy-duty workbench is formed by high-quality steel plate technology and processed by professional and advanced electrostatic spraying technology to enable users to work effectively under high strength and ensure that the workbench will not be deformed or broken.

    2. The material and the shape and angle of the heavy-duty desktop table can be specially customized according to the different needs of users. Users do not need to worry about the material problems of the desktop and make the work impossible.

    3. The workbench can be equipped with original lighting racks, hangers, electrical boxes, etc., to meet the different needs of users, and the heavy-duty workbench can be combined and designed for easy disassembly and assembly to ensure stable use.

    4. It is precisely because of the unique performance of the heavy-duty workbench in terms of volume, load and use that it has a wider range of use and can meet the special requirements of most mechanical production and processing environments, and is trusted by many industrial enterprises.


    Customize on demand.

    Material: The heavy-duty workbench is made of aluminum and steel, and can be customized according to the needs of the buyer to achieve different effects, different materials, and different load-bearing.

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