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    Name: Steel Workbench

    Specifications: customized according to customer needs

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    Product Details

       The steel plate workbench, also known as the mold workbench and the desktop workbench, is a necessary tool for mold and desktop work. Used for mold maintenance and other work. The steel workbench is specially designed for factory assembly, production, maintenance, operation and other work.

    1. The table body assembled on site is simple to assemble and has high strength, which can make the table bear the rated weight.

    2. The desktop has been specially treated, has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, strong impact resistance, etc., a variety of desktop options can meet different requirements.

    3. A power hole is reserved on the foot of the steel workbench to facilitate customers to install a power socket.

    4. After installing the tool cabinet, you can make more reasonable use of the space to store tools and spare parts.

    5. The vise can be installed directly by choosing a suitable desktop, which is suitable for desktop work.

    6. Table parts such as hanging boards, switchboards, roof lights, shelves, etc. can be installed, with a variety of options to meet the needs of various stations.

    Length 2000*Width 1500*Height 650 (mm)
    Length 2000*Width 1500*Height 750 (mm)
    Length 2000*Width 1000*Height 650 (mm)
    Length 1500*Width 600*Height 650 (mm)
    Length 1500*Width 1000*Height 650 (mm)
    Length 1500*Width 1000*Height 750 (mm)
    Customize on demand.

    Scope of application:
    Especially suitable for mold factories, assembly factories, electronics factories, machinery factories, laboratories, testing units, food factories, plastic factories, technical schools, coal mines, ore exploration factories, hardware factories, aircraft factories, subway construction, etc.

    Material: The working surface material of the steel plate workbench is ordinary steel plate. The welded steel plate workbench frame is welded with square steel or flat steel or I-beam or channel steel, and the assembled steel plate workbench frame is assembled by C-shaped steel.

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