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    Name: Clothing display rack
    Specifications: customized according to customer needs
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    Product Details

       The clothing display rack generally refers to the storage of clothing shelves. In warehouse equipment, clothing display racks refer to storage equipment specifically used to store items. Today's clothing display racks have a very important position in logistics and warehouses. Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of modern industry, the flow of materials has greatly increased. In order to better realize the modern management of the warehouse and improve the functions of the warehouse, the demand for display racks is increasing, and the requirements for its functions are also increasing. As we all know, clothing display racks play a great role in modern logistics activities, and the realization of warehouse management modernization has a direct relationship with the types and functions of clothing display racks.

    (1) The goods in the clothing display rack are easy to store and take out, easy to count and measure, and can be first in, first out.
    (2) The clothing display rack is a frame structure that can make full use of the warehouse space, improve the utilization rate of the storage capacity, and expand the storage capacity of the warehouse.
    (3) The structure and functions of many new clothing display racks are conducive to the realization of the mechanization and automation of the warehouse.
    (4) In order to ensure the quality of stored goods, measures such as moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft, and anti-damage can be taken to improve the quality of stored goods.
    (5) The items stored in the clothing display rack cannot be squeezed against each other, and the material loss is small. At the same time, the function of the material itself can be fully guaranteed, and the loss of goods can be reduced.

         Length 120*width 40*height 190 (cm)
         Length 120*width 40*height 230 (cm)
         Length 120*width 40*height 150 (cm)
         Length 60*width 40*height 230 (cm)
         Customize on demand.

    Material: stainless steel, solid wood.

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