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    Large Backplane Supermarket Shelf

    Name: Big Back Supermarket Shelf
    Load-bearing: 100kg-300kg/layer
    Specification: Customizable
    Laminate: Customizable
    Telephone number: 0574-88138184
    Mobile phone: 13967815187

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    Product Details

    Characteristic of supermarket shelves
    1. Supermarket shelves are beautiful and generous, with strong structure and various specifications; the design style has the style of the times. Supermarket shelves can be combined with one-sided shelves and two-sided shelves, one-sided shelves can be combined with corners, two-sided shelves can be combined with semi-circular; the spacing can be adjusted arbitrarily, noble and generous;
    2. The luxurious and elegant colours merge with the modern store environment to create a new business concept.
    3. Raise arm roots, increase support capacity and increase floor width to meet the capacity of large shopping malls.

    4. The surface is treated by electrostatic spraying of epoxy resin, which has various colors and strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust effect.
    5. Easy to install, multiple hangers can be selected;
    6. The column and the base are welded together, which increases the shelf safety factor, prevents the shelf from grading under heavy condition and eliminates the hidden danger of the store.
    7. Good versatility, equipped with a variety of accessories, suitable for commodity display, suitable for the needs of comprehensive supermarkets;
    8. Surface treatment, shot blasting, degreasing and surface spraying.