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    Small Backplane Supermarket Shelf

    Name: Small Backplane Supermarket Shelf
    Load-bearing: 50kg-200kg/floor
    Specification: Customized to Customer's Requirements
    Laminate: None
    Telephone number: 0574-88138184
    Mobile phone: 13967815187

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    Product Details

    Supermarket shelves play a very important role in any field, especially in the field of storage and supermarket. Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out proper daily maintenance and management of shelves. Only in this way can shelves be extended. The service life and how to extend the shelf life are listed below.
    1. Pressure resistance. Design shelves of different sizes according to load-bearing design. Therefore, the weight of goods placed on the shelf must be within the weight range of the shelf. The warehouse manager made a load-bearing limit sign on the shelf. The principle of light weight at the bottom of the shelf must be followed, that is, the bottom layer is heavier and the upper layer is lighter.
    2. Anti-collision protection. Most of the damage to shelves is caused by the pillars in the aisles and corners, which are usually deformed by forklift trucks. Ningbo shelf manufacturers provide channel width and delivery tools according to different shelves with anti-collision columns. Collision barriers should be installed at the channel location. The installation of anti-collision column plays a very important role in protecting frame column.
    3. Moisture-proof and sunscreen, rain-proof. Although shelves and beams are all made of metal and painted, corrosion may occur for a long time after exposure to sunlight, which may affect service life. Most shelves are wooden, and it's easy to rain near the window. When it rains, the circuit board will deform and tilt.

    4. Specify the person to use the propeller. In particular, heavy and high-rise warehouses must be equipped with power recumbent vehicles. The use and operation of push-up vehicles must be operated only by the licensee. Most warehouse shelf deformation is caused by the use of push-up vehicles by non-designated personnel.
    5. Specify standard card size and delivery size. The length and width of the standard card are between 0.8 and 1.2 meters. For example, the length of the column is usually 2.5 meters, which is designed according to the width of the two cards. If the card used is non-standard or the size of the cargo loaded exceeds 1.2 meters, it may bump into a post when it is placed on the shelf.