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    Supermarket boutique shelves (exhibition shelves)

    Name: Supermarket Shelf
    Load bearing: customized to customer's needs
    Specification: Customized to Customer's Requirements
    Laminate: None
    Telephone number: 0574-88138184
    Mobile phone: 13967815187

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    Product Details

    Supermarket shelves are mainly used to place valuable and small-sized products, which need good display space to display goods and storage functions.
    Supermarket high-quality shelf accessories are mainly made of Al-Ti alloy frame, refractory board, beautiful lamp glass and various joints. At present, the aluminium-titanium profile outer frame surface is treated by electrochemical process, which has uniform color, high brightness, damage resistance, good corrosion resistance, good impact resistance and flexibility. OK. Aluminum and titanium profiles are gold, silver, white and black. Fireproof panels are available in hundreds of colours. Color matching can be customized according to customer requirements.
    Supermarket boutique shelves:
    Type: display cabinet, display cabinet, display rack
    Colour: Gold Silver Black (special colour can be customized)
    Specification: Requirements can be customized according to your design intention.
    Usage: Shopping mall display cabinet, company exhibition hall, company sample cabinet, handicraft display cabinet, cosmetics, jewelry, jewelry, digital display, boutique store, shop and other products display.
    Features: Fast installation and easy disassembly; exhibition cabinets, display cabinets, display shelves, high-quality shelves have good display space.

    You can choose from our existing styles, or you can also provide custom processing of drawings, styles or photos. We can also design your supermarket shelves according to the nature of your industry, the actual size of the background environment, your corporate brand image and your personal preferences. We will strictly follow the standard production, you can also follow our production process throughout the whole process, to ensure the beauty of high-quality shelves, accurate brand information, good display effect.