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    Driving shelf (through shelf)

    Name: Inbound Shelf
    Bearing capacity: 600kg-1200kg/layer
    Specification: Customized to Customer's Requirements
    Laminates: 2-6 layers
    Telephone number: 0574-88138184
    Mobile phone: 13967815187

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    Product Details

    Introduce the drive-in shelves:
    The drive-in rack is an assembled rack. Forklift trucks enter the drive-in rack and store pallet unit cargo. Driving shelf, also known as corridor shelf and through shelf, is a multi-door pallet unit, connected by grid slab in a continuous way, a structure close to the shelf, stored on the cantilever beam. Depth direction. Formation. Shelf structure can share forklift truck working channel and goods storage space, greatly improving the space and site utilization ratio of warehouse, but goods in the same working channel can not be first-in-first-out, suitable for mass production, small varieties or commodities in the working channel flow to the same customer's commodity storage, such as beverages, dairy products, tobacco, low. Warm frozen stock, standard size household appliances, chemical industry, clothing and other industries. According to statistics, the maximum storage density can be achieved by driving shelves, the effective utilization rate of space can be increased to 90%, and the utilization rate of field area can be more than 60%.
    1. The cargo storage channel is also the forklift truck storage and transportation channel, which is a shelf form with high storage density.
    2. It is usually used to store goods of various types but large batches with low requirements for the choice of goods.
    3. The effective storage capacity of warehouse can be increased by more than 100% through the traditional scheme of lifting height of common forklift truck and three-storey shelf. On the contrary, the cost of investment has been controlled and the benefit has been significantly improved. From the point of view of global storage cost calculation, the investment cost can be offset by increasing storage capacity efficiency in three years.
    4. Goods follow the advanced and backward principles and are suitable for the storage and operation of most transport machinery.
    Structural characteristics of driving shelves:
    1. On the support rail, the pallets are stored along the depth direction, one near the other, which makes high density storage possible.
    2. Goods enter and exit from the same side of the shelf. They are stored first and then retrieved. Balanced weight and Forklift Forklift can easily enter the middle of the shelf and enter the goods without occupying multiple channels.
    3. This kind of shelf is suitable for storing large quantities of small goods.
    4. Driving shelves are fully inserted and assembled. The column is prefabricated. The total depth of the shelf in the wall area can be designed to a maximum of 7 pallet depths. The total depth of the shelf in the middle area can be 9 or less. In the range of pallet depth, the efficiency and reliability of forklift truck in and out are improved.
    5. Widely used in various warehouses and logistics centers, such as food, tobacco, dairy products, beverages and other industries, cold storage is more common.
    Inbound shelf purchase instructions:
    1. Understand the size of the pallet, the direction of the fork, the carrying capacity of the pallet and the maximum weight of the goods stored in each pallet.
    2. Warehouse size, height, fire hydrant location, entrance and exit location, etc.
    3. Forklift comprehensive data, maximum lifting height, maximum weighing, forklift width, etc.
    These three points must be taken into account in the design of driving shelves. They are indispensable.

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