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    Separation Network of Workshop and Workshop

    Name: Separation Network of Workshop and Factory Area
    Load bearing:/
    Telephone number: 0574-88138184
    Mobile phone: 13967815187

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    Product Details

    Workshop factory isolation network, also known as warehouse isolation belt, workshop protection network, material: Q235 low carbon cold drawn steel wire or galvanized wire, hot dip galvanized wire. It has good protection performance, small occupied area, larger effective space, strong light transmittance and low requirements for auxiliary lighting facilities.
    Workshop and factory isolation network features:
    1. New structure and generous style.
    2. The overall stability is excellent.
    3. All parts are highly rust-proof and have long service life.
    4. Maintenance-free, never fade.
    5. Particularly suitable for isolating modern industrial sites
    6. Installation is simple, fast and low cost.