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    Warehouse isolation network

    Name: Warehouse Isolation Network
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    Product Details

    The warehouse isolation net adopts diamond grid and woven grid, and square pipes are welded.  The warehouse isolation net is a new isolation net, which is closer to the aesthetic feeling of people under the condition of ensuring the same strength and protection performance. The smooth and delicate plastic layer has bright colors and strong decoration.
    The warehouse isolation net has the advantages of novel design, elegant appearance, compact and firm structure, flexible combination, convenient installation and disassembly, and easy management.  Movable metal mesh walls can be combined at will, especially suitable for space planning and isolation of steel frame structure workshops, standard workshops and workshop warehouses.


    I. mesh

    Wire: 3.2 Galvanized Wire

    Four-sided File: 1.5 Cold Rolled Sheet Forming

    Spacing: 4.15 * 4.15
    Cylinder: round pipe with diameter of 60 * 1.2

    Surface treatment: spraying
    Color wood gray
    Mesh width: 1.61m
    Net height: 2.2 meters, 2.52 meters, 3 meters
    Mesh color: grass green, yellow, white, blue, etc.

    Second, the door:
    1. Single door shall be reinforced on the basis of a net with the following additional materials:
    Upper track: 50×30×1.5 square tube+an aluminum alloy track with a length of 3 meters
    Lower track: a 30×45×1.5 track formed by cold rolled sheet has a length of 1.5m.
    Locking: 1 Pulley: 2
    2. Double sliding doors: the original two nets are reinforced on three sides with the following additional materials:
    Upper track: 50×30×1.5 square tube+an aluminum alloy track with a length of 6 meters
    Lower track: two 30×45×1.5 tracks are formed of cold rolled plates with a length of 1.5 meters.
    Lock: 1 pulley: 4 bolts: 1 handle

    1. The warehouse grid structure is simple and practical;
    2. The warehouse isolation network is convenient for transportation and installation is not limited by terrain fluctuation;
    3. The warehouse isolation net is especially suitable for mountain, slope and multi-bend areas.
    4. The price of the warehouse isolation network is moderate and low, which is suitable for large-scale use.

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