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    Medium-sized shelves (warehousing shelves, laminated shelves)

    Name: Medium A Shelf
    Load-bearing: 200kg-500kg
    Specification: L2000*H600*W2000
    Laminate: 4 layers
    Telephone number: 0574-88138184
    Mobile phone: 13967815187

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    Product Details

    Medium A shelf is made by mechanical punching, which makes the pillars, beams, wide cranes and narrow suspensions fit together. The upper and lower plates of medium A shelves are fixed, and the shelf stability is stronger. Reasonable shape and structure, easy disassembly and assembly, arbitrary adjustment of height of 50mm, no screw, durable. Medium A shelf is mainly composed of pillars, beams, pallets and laminates. Its main features are bolt-free connection and easy assembly and disassembly. Medium A shelf has beautiful and generous appearance. Medium A shelves are suitable for manual entry and exit of goods. Its bearing capacity is 200 kg-500 kg/floor, which can meet the application requirements of most warehouses for placing goods.
    The connection between the column and the cross beam adopts the locking connection mode. The laminates and columns are supported by wide hanging and narrow hanging, and the anti-skid limit parts are fixed by convex parts. Then the laminates will not move forward, backward or left to ensure that the goods will not fall and cause damage when hit.
    Medium A shelf features:
    1. Pickling, phosphating and epoxy resin spraying on the surface of medium A shelf. Shelf surface is beautiful, high-grade is not easy to oxidize, easy to clean.
    2. Medium A shelves can meet the warehousing needs of warehouses, production lines, warehousing supermarkets and various garment distribution centers. Steel laminates can also be replaced by wood laminates as needed.
    3. Insulating insulating net around type A shelf can also meet the requirement of separate processing of products.
    4. The colours are usually light gray, sapphire blue and orange red. Dvor can provide customization for non-standard requirements.