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    Ningbo Shelf Factory teaches you how to classify shelves


    There are many industries in Ningbo, and many shelves are inseparable from shelves. I believe everyone is familiar with everyday life. I often see shelves.

    In fact, there are many types of shelves, each type of shelf has a different range, but few people know it. Let me show you how shelves are classified.

    How to Classify Shelf Types

    According to the manufacturing data of shelf: steel frame; reinforced concrete shelf: reinforced concrete shelf and reinforced concrete shelf; wooden shelf; Steel-wood composite shelf.
    According to the level of shelf closure: closed shelf; semi-closed shelf, closed shelf, etc.
    Ningbo shelves are assembled at any time according to shelf structure; fixed shelves.
    It is divided into unit shelves, ordinary shelves, mobile shelves and through shelves.
    According to the height of the shelf: low shelf: height less than 5 meters; middle shelf: height 515 meters; high shelf: height more than 15 meters.
    Ningbo shelves are divided into heavy shelves: each shelf has a load of more than 500 kg; medium shelves: each shelf (or shelf) has a load capacity of 150-500 kg; light shelves: each shelf has a load capacity of less than 150 kg.