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    Basic Composition and Storage Advantage of Ningbo Through Storage Shelf


    Compared with heavy cross beam shelves, through storage shelves are more dense and more efficient. The through-type storage rack is also a combined three-dimensional storage device. Usually we call this shelf an entry shelf. It is said that there is also a name for the bracket. These names are determined according to the characteristics of each aspect.

    Shelf structure The design of the shelf requires the source of demand and the need to store large quantities of goods. In the use of Ningbo shelves, pallets are stored one by one on the supporting tracks on both sides of the shelves in the depth direction. Obviously, the density of storage increases invisibly, which improves the efficient utilization of storage space in warehouse.

    Ningbo through shelf is composed of four basic components. They are frames, supporting guides, tray guides and pull rods. This structure and design make the warehouse use use use efficiency high, can realize first in first out. This shelf is suitable for large capacity storage of large quantities of small goods. Forklift trucks can work directly in the cargo channel, which is also very convenient.