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    How does the shelf height affect the shelf in Ningbo?


    Ningbo shelf multi-element response and drawings can make the most suitable shelf. Here, I can evaluate from the height of the warehouse. Which shelf is the right one to choose. Then you can start with a medium shelf. There are many reference factors for selecting and customizing warehouse shelves. Medium shelf unit shelf span usually does not exceed 2.6 meters, depth does not exceed 1 meter. The height is generally less than 3 meters. If the unit shelf spans less than 2 meters, the bearing capacity of this layer is less than 500 kilograms, it is usually suitable to choose medium-sized shelf without beam. If the unit shelf spans more than 2 meters, there is usually only a medium-sized cross-beam shelf.

    The shelves of Ningbo heavy-duty shelf warehouse usually bear a load of more than 500 kg per floor. The shelf span per unit is generally less than 3 m, and the depth is within 1.2 m. The height is unrestricted. Heavy shelves are usually about 5 meters, while high-rise heavy shelves can reach 10 meters or more. In the planning and design of high-level warehouse, the shelves in Wuxi are mainly heavy pallet shelves, which can be accessed by forklift trucks. Effectively reduce the labor intensity of employees and improve work efficiency. Mainly used for some situations requiring full access, extensive applications, factories, logistics centers are very common.