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    What are the main accessories on the warehouse shelf?


    The storage shelf is composed of the basic structure of the shelf. Composite shelves used in modern warehouses are usually composed of beams, columns, pillars, etc. These are the main components of the shelf. However, each warehousing scenario is different. In many cases, it is necessary to configure some accessories on the original shelf as a supplement to achieve a more perfect effect. What accessories are on the warehouse shelf?

    Shelf corner. When using shelf devices, this is a matching accessory. When a collision occurs, the protective rack is protected from the impact of the bottom to prevent the rack from being hit by incorrect operations such as forklift trucks. Similar accessories are guardrails, which are placed at both ends of the shelf passage. The cross support of the shelf. In the beam shelf, the cross beam is a steel beam selectively placed on the beam, and can be placed more or less according to the need. Its main function is to play a supporting role in pallet cargo, which can prevent potential safety hazards caused by too large pallets.

    The laminate or grid of a warehouse shelf. These two accessories have similar functions and can be placed on each shelf. In this mode, shelves can be placed directly without tray packaging. It is necessary to choose whether it is necessary or not according to the actual situation. In fact, each type of warehouse shelf has a lot of accessories. For example, in the loft shelf platform, in many cases need lighting, stairs, guardrails and so on. In order to increase the stability of the channel, it is necessary to set up a pull-up at the top to coordinate the effect.