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    How to prolong shelf life?

    With the rapid development of modern logistics industry, the utilization rate of warehouse shelves as the most basic logistics auxiliary equipment is also increasing. And the storage shelves are usually made of metal strip steel, which has excellent durability, corrosion resistance and galvanized steel plate longer than the service life. We all like to use this material to make storage shelves. The better raw materials the shelf manufacturer chooses, the longer the shelf manufacturer will use them. If the storage space is monotonous for a long time, the use time will be longer. Usually, warehousing shelves can be used for four to five years without any problems.
    There are many factors affecting the service life of warehouse goods, such as temperature, humidity, illumination, ventilation conditions, etc. If the warehouse humidity is too high, it will lead to the rust of shelves and reduce the service life of shelves. So what should we do to extend the shelf life?
    1. Prevent sunshine exposure, reasonable ventilation, prevent wet goods directly on the shelf. We should drain and dehumidify as much as possible.
    2. Paint protective paint in time to reduce rust, do a good job of routine inspection, and fix the loosened screw in time.
    3. The weight of goods on the shelf must be within the carrying capacity of the shelf. Warehouse clerks are advised to make load-bearing and load-limiting signs on the shelves. We should follow the principle that the bottom of the shelf is heavier than the top, that is to say, the bottom is heavier than the top.
    4. Provision of shelf use principles. Different warehouses, different goods, each warehouse shelf has different convenient methods. Warehouse managers should formulate shelf application principles so that each shelf operator can learn and abide by, which is the way to achieve the goal.
    5. Heavy and high-rise shelf warehouses must be equipped with push-up trucks. Only licensed personnel can operate the booster. Collision deformation of warehouse shelf columns is mostly caused by the use of pusher by non-designated personnel.
    6. A set of anti-collision column is equipped according to different shelves, channel width and conveyor. Install anti-collision barrier in the channel position.
    Loft shelves fully consider the humanized logistics, beautiful planning and spacious structure. Installation and disassembly are convenient and site planning is sensitive. Attic shelves are suitable for storing various items. The appearance of loft shelves greatly improves the utilization of space and reduces the storage cost.