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    What storage skills do heavy warehouse shelves have?

    What storage skills do heavy warehouse shelves have?
    Heavy storage shelves are used in many warehouses and specialized storage sites. They are frequent customers of warehousing equipment. We choose heavy-duty shelves. What we think is that heavy-duty shelves are more powerful than light-duty shelves, and the price is more advantageous than automation equipment. So what storage skills do heavy shelves have and what points should we pay attention to when using them?
    Before using heavy-duty warehouse shelves, we should improve the warehouse infrastructure, such as whether the load on the floor of the warehouse can adapt to the good situation of the shelves full of goods, whether the floor of the warehouse is relatively flat, and whether each storage area is very scientific. Although heavy shelves belong to combined shelves and can be assembled from head to foot, in fact, we do not recommend that they be moved at will.
    Storage technology of large shelves in warehouse shelves mainly focuses on the placement of goods. Scientific shelf placement not only makes the equipment more orderly, but also improves the operation ability of operators. Heavy shelves can store pallet cargo on each floor, but the whole cargo should be placed in a special area as far as possible, relative to the "bulk" cargo in another area; heavy cargo should be placed in a lower position, lighter cargo should be placed in a higher position, and dust-proof operation should be carried out on the top floor.