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    What are the characteristics of attic shelves and through shelves?

    There are many kinds of shelves, one of which is attic shelves. As the name implies, it is an attic shelf. It mainly uses the upper part of the space to construct some loft shelves, which can improve the utilization rate of the upper part of the space. Attic shelves and shelves have different characteristics, so what is attic shelves?
    The attic shelf is a very long shelf. It is different from the support on both sides of the common shelf. The attic shelf has four sides supporting each other, thus forming a tunnel-like through space. Attic shelves are very suitable for storing some tobacco products and are very popular shelves. After understanding the attic shelf and through shelf, we can see what functions these two shelves have. What advantages can they develop independently into a brand new shelf variety, so that people like these new styles?
    First, it is easy to construct. The main advantage of these two storage racks is that they are very easy to build. Their structures are simple and uniform. It requires only the most common operations and can be easily built. There is no technical difficulty. Therefore, after the invention, it will be popularized. It's always so smooth that you don't even need to learn how to build it.
    Two Steel Structures
    Whether it is attic shelf or through shelf, all kinds of stainless steel materials are used as basic materials. Therefore, the shelves of these two structures are basically medium-sized shelves, and the load-bearing capacity of each floor can reach 500 kg. It has been applied to most kinds of storage and has been used effectively.
    3. Access Security
    Because of various storage environments, two shelves can effectively protect items stored in industrial production environments or general storage environments, which also makes some access. The industries in special need like these two products very much.
    Fourthly, there is a common characteristic between the loft shelves with complex structure and those passing through shelves, that is, their shelf structure is relatively compact, generally two to three-storey structure, not too many or complex as a whole, the design of two shelves is relatively compact, suitable for placing some small products.