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    Why is shuttle truck shelf more favored by enterprises than through shelf?

    In warehousing shelves, if you compare shuttle shelves with shelves, you will find that the price is much higher than that of the latter. However, from the point of view of use, there are more enterprises using shuttle shelves than through shelves. What is the reason?
    Although the cost of purchasing shuttle shelves is relatively high, it is expensive. Shuttle rack is equipped with automatic storage system, including shuttle truck and track rack system. Although they are all dense storage shelves, there are huge differences between static storage and dynamic automatic storage models. Shuttle trucks usually cost more than 100,000 yuan, which is obviously much more expensive than passing through shelves.
    Why do more companies choose shuttle shelves? Automated warehousing seems to be the desired outcome of many companies, but in fact many companies can not afford to use automated warehouses, and shuttle shelves are also automated systems with shelf systems, can afford so much. The needs of the task. In terms of cost, it is much lower than automated warehouse.
    Shuttle racks are now widely used in various industries. Many companies haven't used it yet, probably because they don't fully understand it. Ningbo Devo is a shuttle shelf design, custom installation enterprise. Over the past eight years, we have provided high-end and high-quality services to our customers all over the country. We provide you with ideal shuttle shelf solutions.