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    Ningbo Medium Shelf

    Ningbo shelves with load less than 800kg should be selected as medium shelves. Medium shelves can be divided into three types according to load and structure. Following is a brief introduction to Ningbo's medium-sized shelves.
    Ningbo Medium Shelf Structure:
    Ningbo medium-sized shelf column is rolled by special cold-rolled steel sheet forming machine. It has two rows of holes in front of the column. The holes are arranged in a straight line with a distance of 50 mm and nine bending surfaces. Pillar holes are used to hook cross beams; two pillars are opposite and connected horizontally in the middle pipe to connect inclined pipes to assemble the pillars to form Ningbo medium-sized shelf pillars.
    Ningbo medium-sized shelf beams are made of "P" shaped pipes. The common specifications are 60 * 50mm, 80 * 50mm, commonly known as "stepped beams". The stepped height matches the height of the laminates.
    Ningbo medium-sized shelf steel sheet and cold-rolled steel sheet are formed by bending four sides according to the required size.
    The beams and pillars are assembled and assembled into a frame. Finally, the steel laminates are placed to form the complete intermediate shelf.
    Each part of Ningbo medium shelf is processed and moulded, and then all the finished products are polished, pickled, phosphated, fully automatic powder electrostatic spraying, drying and other processes are processed and assembled. The surface of finished shelf products is clean and beautiful. The shelf layer can be adjusted up and down according to 50mm pitch, which is easy to disassemble.
    When the width of Ningbo medium-sized shelves is more than 700 mm, it is suitable to choose three-pillar medium-sized shelves to facilitate the storage of longer specifications.
    Medium shelves in Dvor Shelf Factory are suitable for manual storage, mature matching process design, easy disassembly and assembly, without welding. Good scalability, unrestricted connection of main and auxiliary racks, easy replacement and maintenance of parts damaged. Welcome to buy!