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    Characteristic and detailed introduction of driving shelf

    Characteristic and detailed introduction of driving shelf:
    Driving shelves are also called "through shelves" or "corridor shelves". It is a continuous and inseparable whole shelf with no channel partition. On the support rail, the pallets are stored in depth order to achieve high-density storage. Goods enter from the same side of the shelf, "First store, then take, first store". Forklift trucks can easily access goods in the middle of the shelf.
    The characteristics of the driving shelf: the driving shelf has relatively low capital cost, and is suitable for large-scale, small type, large quantity and predictable access mode. Usually used to store large quantities of the same type of goods.
    Application of Driving-in Shelf: Because of its high storage density and high utilization of overground space, Driving-in Shelf is often used in places where storage space costs are high, such as refrigerators.