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    How to complete the process of customizing warehouse shelves?

    How to complete the process of customizing warehouse shelves? Customized warehouse shelves are now the method of choosing warehouse shelves for most warehouse purchases. So how to customize warehouse shelves? Is warehouse shelf customization reasonable and normal? Let's take a look at Ningbo Shelf Factory.
    First of all, after the demand side puts forward the demand, the sales staff of the shelf manufacturer will communicate some basic matters with the customers. What kind of warehouse is it used for, what is the basic area and what is the form of warehouse? This is about defining the initial communication of warehousing shelves. As a demander, it should be answered truthfully. If the customer has a shelf previously used as a reference, it can be sent directly to the manufacturer's business personnel. For reference, and give appropriate optimization changes.
    Secondly, if a large number of shelves are customized by the demander, or the types of storage shelves and warehouses need to be relatively complex, the manufacturer's business or technical personnel need to go to the scene for inspection. This includes detailed information about the actual measurement site and communication with a specific person in charge. After communication between the two sides, they formed a preliminary consensus on the ground. Then, shelf manufacturers, technicians, etc. provide the most appropriate customized shelf solution, and the demander can view it, including the price.
    If the two parties reach an agreement through the above specific communication and negotiation, they can sign and seal the purchase contract, and pay part or all of the customized shelf money according to the contract. After that, the customized storage shelf manufacturer entered the actual production stage. If there are some problems and opinions in the production process, both sides should communicate in time to avoid unnecessary problems.
    Finally, after the shelf production is completed, the customer is notified of payment and delivery (if fully paid, the customer is notified of direct delivery of the goods). General factory delivery, completed by the Cooperative Logistics company. If you have a certain manufacturer strength, you can complete the delivery process yourself. Be sure to communicate again before delivery. Sometimes, the location that the customer has said before may change, or the receiver may change.
    Considering the level of ground carrying capacity of the warehouse itself, this number needs to be obtained from the contractor. This parameter is very important. If your warehouse has only one ton of load on the ground and five tons of storage rack, it will inevitably sink or deform, and the weight will even collapse, leading to safety accidents. Consider not only the construction of high-end storage racks to save space, but also the basic weight of materials stored on elevated shelves.
    Consider the type of material on the shelf and the container of the material. The size of the warehouse shelf needs to be related to the materials or containers it carries. Dimensions can be customized, but it is best to have the recommended dimensions provided by the shelf supplier. On the one hand, shelf suppliers are relatively professional, on the other hand, if there are problems, they can take part in the responsibility.
    Consider the incoming and outgoing form and storage time of storage materials. There may be various materials in the warehouse, and the storage time is different. This requires consideration of the form or storage of the warehouse in order to find a storage rack that is really suitable for high-space use. For example: driving shelf, adjustable pallet shelf, rolling shelf, movable shelf and common shelf. If you choose such storage shelves, you may need to invest in certain loading and unloading equipment, such as narrow-lane forklifts.