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    Double-depth shelf is also called double-depth shelf.

    Double-depth shelf is also called double-depth shelf. It is a scissors forklift type, which uses scissors and forklift trucks as well as shelves as a double row.
    Dual-depth shelves are characterized by:
    Warehouse utilization rate is high, selectivity is better, there are special forklift, roadway size design like APR, widely used in paper industry, plastic products industry.
    Dual depth shelf series comes from heavy beam type shelf structure is simple, high storage stock, which effectively alleviates the normal beam type shelf can not meet the storage requirements than the ordinary beam type shelf double the inventory. Dual-depth shelves are widely used in tobacco, food and beverage, packaging, etc. Choose industry. According to customers'needs, the specifications of such shelves can be changed accordingly.
    Dual Depth Shelf Characteristics:
    1. The height of the crossbeam is low and the longest operation height is 8 meters.
    2. Medium inventory flow, providing 50% selectivity.
    3. For warehouses with low pick-up rate, the ground utilization rate is as high as 42%.
    4. Dual-depth shelf series derivative self-weight beam type shelf has simple structure and high storage stock.
    5. Effectively alleviate the storage requirement of common cross-beam type shelves, which can not meet the storage requirement, and double the inventory of common cross-beam type shelves.
    6. A special forklift truck is needed.
    7. Forklift passage needs about 3.3 meters.
    8. In warehouses of the same area, compared with single-depth shelves, the inventory is larger than single-depth shelves because of the parallel connection of four groups of shelves and the reduction of passage space, each storage line can have more pallets than pallets.
    9. Because the fork of the stacker has two rows of goods in the direction of picking up, it is necessary to use a special forward shifting stacker (some are called three-way forklift). The stacker generally uses fork.
    10. For row cargo access, it is the same as the item type shelf. It is difficult for shelves to come out first and improve the utilization rate of warehouses. Generally, when storing goods, shelves need to be stored after shelving, so that shelves can be stored.
    11. When the goods are exported, try to get the goods arranged one time before and after. If there is an overshoot, it may affect the utilization rate of stock or the efficiency of warehouse operation (frequent warehouse operations are required).
    12. The cost per card is the lowest in all stereo warehouse systems.