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    What is an attic shelf? What does it consist of? How to choose attic shelves?

    What is an attic shelf? What does it consist of? How to choose attic shelves? Next, Ningbo Devo Warehousing Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce you to the knowledge of loft shelves.
    Mezzanine shelves are made of shelves of medium or heavy weight. Flooring is usually made of cold rolled steel, pattern steel or slab. In recent years, cold rolled steel sheets have been used. It has many characteristics, such as good load-bearing uniformity, high precision, flat surface, easy storage, etc. It is easy to match the lighting system and easy to store goods.
    Loft shelves can be designed as single or multi-storey lofts, usually 2-3 storeys. Goods can be accessed upstairs by walking stairs, lifting platforms, elevators, conveyors, forklifts, etc. Loft shelves usually have 300 KG-1000KG/m2 bearing capacity. Loft shelves are widely used in warehouses with large storage capacity, small cargo, manual operation and large storage capacity, which can make full use of space and save warehouse space. In the field of automotive parts, 4S stores, light industry electronics and other industries have many applications.
    Loft shelves have the following characteristics:
    1. Completely assembled structure, easy assembly and installation, flexible disassembly.
    2. The section of the loft shelf material has been optimized and has a strong bearing capacity.
    3. The surface is treated by electrostatic powder spraying and has a beautiful appearance.
    4. It can be flexibly designed into two or more layers according to the actual site needs. Suitable for storage of many varieties, small batches of goods, make full use of space.
    5. The lower layer is the form of shelf, and the upper layer can be platform or shelf structure. The chassis can store materials and floor supports for maximum flexibility.
    From the customer's point of view, we must pay attention to several issues when choosing attic shelves.
    1. Floor size and available height of warehouse to determine the specifications and models of attic shelves. This is a very important point. It is important to know that the warehouse specification model is the key to determine the size of attic shelves.
    Therefore, before purchasing shelves, it is necessary to fully understand these knowledge and have exact value.
    2. Load-bearing materials for loft shelves. This mainly refers to the carrying capacity of the warehouse, the type of goods we want to store, and the load range required for each layer, so it is better to choose the appropriate material shelf.
    3. Loft shelf level. Attic shelves are also like attic shelves. There are two layers and three layers. The more layers you have, the more goods you can store and the more space you can use. This requires the purchaser to combine the actual warehouse height and select a suitable number of attic shelves according to their own needs.
    4. Attic shelf handling. In order to achieve better visual effect, attention should also be paid to the process of handling attic shelves, such as whether the surface color matches correctly, to ensure that the warehouse is more beautiful.
    The above is our company's attic shelf related projects.