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    How to Analyse Heavy Shelf from the Outsider's Angle

    Exports of heavy shelves have increased rapidly in the past three years. Depending on the international commodity price gap, exchange rate and quality assurance, many foreign customers like the shelves produced internationally. On the other hand, after years of cooperation, some international companies and domestic sellers have established a more peaceful life. With the supply and marketing contacts and the intensification of international market competition, foreign trade export has become one of the important issues for international shelf manufacturers.
    Shelf exports in Europe, the United States, Northwest Asia and the Middle East must be earlier and more concentrated. Today, Oceania and South America are becoming major buyers of shelves. However, due to the fluctuation of exchange rate and the decline of raw and auxiliary materials prices, export risks are gradually increasing, which should be paid attention to by manufacturers.
    Heavy shelf is a relatively common type of shelf, which is suitable for many industries and occasions. Many customers need to know how to calculate the price of heavy shelves without contacting shelves.
    To calculate the price of heavy shelves, we need to understand the structure of heavy shelves. Usually, the heavy shelf pillars are mainly composed of 2 heel pillars, cross braces, diagonal braces and other accessories.
    Crossbeam: Mainly according to the cargo load selection, rectangular beams, welded beams or P-shaped beams.
    Accessories: foot guard, fence, gasket, grille, brace, rear shield and protective net, etc. Attachments are customized according to customer needs and site requirements.
    Columns and beams need to be designed according to the requirements of the shelf. After choosing the right material, we can calculate the price according to the material. We need to know the price of heavy shelves or contact shelf factories. Most of the materials used are professional profiles on the shelf. The price provided by Ningbo Dvor shelf manufacturer is more accurate.