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    What shelves can be used in auto parts warehouse?

    China is one of the countries with the largest number of cars in the world. In recent years, China's automobile and spare parts manufacturers have developed rapidly, injecting new vitality into China's economy. There will be a large supply of spare parts for the birth of finished cars. The production and storage of these spare parts need standardized storage and warehouse shelves. Then what kind of shelf is usually used in the warehouse of auto parts.
    There are many types of auto parts and accessories. Because of different attributes and quantities and storage patterns, each attachment needs to match the matching shelves. Generally speaking, auto parts products include warehouse shelves, beam shelves, attic shelves, stacking shelves, etc. These shelves basically meet the needs of automobile production and products produced by various suppliers.
    Large heavy-duty cross-beam rack makes it an important choice for automobile tires and other products. Automobile tyres are usually placed on the beams of each floor of the rack and can be stored directly on the rack without the aid of pallets. Heavy cross-beam rack is also one of the storage devices for other automotive parts. These products are pre-packaged in cartons and placed on pallets on each shelf, just like normal cargo storage. Due to the complexity of auto parts, attention should be paid to details when storing them.
    Loft shelf is also one of the most common shelves in auto parts warehouse. Because loft shelf combines platform and shelf, it can create abundant storage space. Large and flat irregular parts can be placed on the platform, and more conventional products can be placed on the shelf. The layered structure of attic shelves can make full use of the warehouse space and make the limited warehouse more useful.
    The stacker can also be used for placing automobile parts. At present, the most commonly used is to place car forums to store certain types of tires on a unified stack. This kind of regular arrangement, centralized use of space, easy to use batch management. Companies have different sizes and storage sizes, and warehouse environments are also different. When choosing shelves, it is necessary to determine according to their respective conditions. The shelf manufacturer must cooperate with the shelf buyer in order to complete.