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    How to design storage shelves?


    Shelf is the loading material and container of material. Shelf layout should be scientific and reasonable.
    1. The Key of Storage Shelf Layout Planning
    Shelf is the loading material and container of material. The dimensions of shelves are related to the materials or containers to be loaded. Non-standard dimensions can be customized, but it is preferable for Ningbo Dvor shelf suppliers to give recommended dimensions. On the one hand, they are more professional, on the other hand, if there are problems, they can share part of the responsibility.
    2. Shelf handling equipment
    Whether there is stacking equipment on the shelf at present, assuming there is, it is necessary to consider such factors as turning radius and width of equipment. The above-ground carrying capacity of the warehouse itself is provided by the contractor. In particular, heavy shelves should be extra careful.
    3. Storage Shelf Placement Skills
    In shelf placement, some people tend to attach importance to the maximum number of shelves. They think that the more shelves are placed, the higher the utilization rate of warehouses. However, the feasibility and convenience of actual operation are often ignored. For example, it is possible to place a single row of shelves on one side of the wall. If two rows of shelves are placed on the other side of the wall, the inner rows of shelves will not be able to be put into the product, and it will be difficult to remove them. Placing a single row of shelves on the other side of the wall can cause too much waste of space.
    Product placement is closely linked to shelves. On warehouse shelves, the requirement of product placement lies in the particularity of goods. The first embodiment is whether products can be stacked, suspended, vertical, horizontal, bulk, etc. Shelf planning should ensure that goods are stored in appropriate areas and spaces so that goods can be effectively placed horizontally to show their different products.

    Rank the inventory turnover of shelves. Frequent goods should be placed on the shelf nearest to import and export. Of course, with the change of product life cycle, time and other factors, inventory turnover rate will also change.
    The identification of goods should be oriented to the channel, not only outside the channel, but also in the same direction, so that operators can always operate smoothly without stopping operation, so that the identification can be recognized, thus improving the operation efficiency.
    In fact, warehouse shelf planning is a huge investment for customers in e-commerce and other industries. Therefore, it is suggested that in early planning, we should give full consideration to avoid some unnecessary problems in the future use process.