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    Ningbo Beilun auto parts warehouse shelf

    Case details
    Project introduction: the company is a professional design and manufacture of high-precision die-casting mould and products for automobile (shock absorption, engine support, gearbox, pump body), communication, electric tools, home appliances and other industries. Located in Beilun, Ningbo. The factory covers an area of 6300 square meters. The company is equipped with leading production machines and laboratory equipment. Ningbo Beilun Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has leading equipment, greatly improving production efficiency and product quality. The company has a wide range of products. DW warehouse shelf planners have designed heavy shelves for customers, because pallet shelf is the lowest cost shelf system among all pallet storage systems, and the shelves are easy to debug. Each pallet in the shelf system can be picked up freely.
    Ningbo Beilun Auto Parts Co., Ltd
    Ningbo Beilun Auto Parts Co., Ltd
    According to the different occupation of customers, Ningbo pallet shelf can also place materials.
    With the use of Ningbo pallet forklift, it can reach the height of four layers of pallet. Reducing the difficulty of storing goods also improves work efficiency.

    Warehouse rendering of Ningbo Beilun Auto Parts Co., Ltd

    Warehouse rendering of Ningbo Beilun Auto Parts Co., Ltd
    100% selection of goods can be realized according to product variety storage