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    Customized Case of Heavy-duty Shelf Loft in Ningbo Shelf Works

    Case details

    Ningbo Shelf Factory has many manufacturers of electronic products. For such a large enterprise, goods can ensure that FIFO is a prerequisite for the smooth operation of the enterprise. For the shelf attic, it is absolutely preferable to use the shelf attic produced by Devo Warehousing Company. The snap-in structure can connect the main frame and the auxiliary shelf indefinitely. Layer spacing is adjusted up and down every 75 mm. Safety pins are installed on the shelves. The material is made of high quality cold rolled steel sheet with antistatic powder coated on its surface.

    The reasons why the company chose the shelf attic are as follows:
    1. Our shelf design engineer first needs to inquire about the packing and weight characteristics of the customer's goods. After a series of calculations, it is suggested to use shelf attic and buckle structure.
    2. Determine the types, specifications, sizes, load and stacking height of the pallets to be loaded, and several pallets for each main or sub-frame, in which customers mainly need three pallets per layer;
    3. Then determine the span, depth and spacing of each unit shelf to select the length, specifications and materials of each cross beam.
    4. According to the effective height of the lower edge of the warehouse shelf and the maximum height of forklift truck, the shelf height is higher. Customer warehouse floor is still above average level, so we suggest building shelf loft to increase its storage capacity. At the height of the material, the quality of the material must be strictly controlled to ensure the safety of the shelf.
    Write here: Because Ningbo Shelf Factory if there are design, manufacture, installation, transportation problems customers can contact us by telephone, we will send people to solve the problem within 24 hours, if there is quality problems, free replacement of defective parts, so that you can buy at ease, use at ease.
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    In addition to the warehouse life of Dvor, we will also provide lifelong maintenance services, damage caused by external forces, and provide preferential and paid services, as appropriate, with excellent, efficient and sincere service.