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    Customized Case of Light and Small Shelf in Ningbo Shelf Works

    Case details
    Customers mainly produce die products, so they need several portable shelves to store some die products. The cargo area is small, but there are many kinds. It is hoped that the storage materials will be convenient for storage. After negotiations between our business and engineers and our customers, the customers decided to use our portable light shelves to meet the needs of their products.

    Determinants of shelf type:
    1. The warehouse area is small and the space is limited.
    2. The weight of the goods is lighter, not more than 500 KG.
    3. Goods are stored by hand, and they are metal objects that are moved by hand.
    Design and installation of light warehouse shelves:
    1. According to the plan of customer warehouse, after detailed calculation of shelf engineering, Dvor outlined the layout of shelves. Because of the special environment of the warehouse, customers choose to use the main frame.
    2. The unit shelf steel laminates are laid on the level, easy to disassemble and install.
    4. Standard shelf size is 200 * 60 * 200cm 3 storey

    5. The type of white column hole can be adjusted freely between 55MM and 75MM, and the white steel laminate is durable.

    Customers'use of appropriate shelf types is a prerequisite for the smooth operation of the work , The above content was released by Ningbo Devo Warehouse. We have long-term production and sales of Ningbo shelves, Ningbo warehouse shelves, Ningbo warehouse shelves, Ningbo shelves wholesale, Ningbo shelves if you need more information, please visit our website: Ningbo Shelf Factory: http://www.betweeneastandwest.com