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    Ningbo Medium Shelf Electronic Company Customized Case

    Case details

    In order to expand the production line, Ningbo Certain Electronics Co., Ltd. There is an urgent need to place products on medium shelves, but there are some conflicts between the characteristics of products and traditional shelves. Dvor Shelf Factory has designed a fully compatible shelf for its products. After the customer saw the plan, he decided to order a batch of medium shelves. Therefore, Devo Shelf Factory has also become the company's long-term futures shelf supplier.

    After assembly of medium shelves, the whole warehouse is clean and tidy, which is convenient for employees to manage the products. Medium-sized shelves have beautiful appearance and complement the overall image of the company. Ningbo Yinzhou Shelf Factory - Devo Warehousing specializes in the production of heavy shelves, cantilever shelves, attic shelves, dedicated to the design and production of shelves in line with the company's economic benefits of shelves. Welcome to the official website: http://www.betweeneastandwest.com
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